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  • Experience with business projects, both small and large

  • network of partners and suppliers for implementation

  • professional lighting plan

  • concept thinkers


Your interior is the business card of your company and should be a good basis for employees. A lot has changed in the field of office design and collaboration in recent years. Open spaces with a flexible and creative layout can encourage collaboration and productivity. Could your office environment use an update after years or do you have a new space that needs to be classified and furnished? We offer interior advice that fits your company and company vision. With our retail and communication background, we have the knowledge to translate your company's mission into a striking interior concept.

What does our business interior advice consist of?

Usually we start with (re)arranging the space. Think of a good mix of workplaces, collaboration and meeting setups and any relaxation and creative spaces. The room(s) must of course be provided with a good foundation on the walls and the floor, we  advise  please about appropriate_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3bd-136bad5cf materials

We can also draw up a furniture plan, in which we can easily combine existing and new furniture. We also like to look at good lighting and a  lighting plan   can be part of the interior concept.

Our method

We start with a personal conversation in which all wishes and needs are discussed. We then make a proposal for the interior advice with a corresponding quotation. When we enter into a partnership, we work out an interior concept per room.  We like concise plans and a practical and hands-on way of working together. Short lines and clear  agreements.

Costs for business interior advice

The costs of a  business  interior advice depend on the size of the assignment. We are happy to make a suitable proposal for you.  For more information and explanation, please contact us without obligation.

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