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Studio move = Monique + Veronika. Together this makes for a considerable amount of life and practical experience, an extensive network and a good combination of views and a sense of style and design.  And together is simply more fun than alone!

Our paths crossed during our interior design and styling training and after a few cups of coffee we decided to work together on a large international interior project. This went so well that a few months later Studiomove became a fact. 

Monique has a retail background. For a large retail company she traveled the world for many years as a purchaser of, among other things, home accessories. In addition, she had an important role in the development and design of the international stores and as concept developer she was responsible for the new concepts to be developed in the stores.

Veronika comes from the  marketing and communication profession. Employed by a large IT service provider and later as an independent entrepreneur, she worked at the intersection of communication and IT. (Internal) Communication within projects and setting up visual resources were the common thread. 


Our backgrounds are very different and therefore we complement each other perfectly!


Monique Zuidam

Inspiring places where layout, design and atmosphere merge into a beautiful setting makes me very happy. It is really great to apply this myself to the projects for our clients. I think it is important to take the time and to listen to the individual needs and wishes. It is really satisfying to create a unique and surprising design for our clients and to give them that same happy feeling.


Veronika Elbersen

'Turning your passion into your work', so very cliché but highly recommended. Because it doesn't feel like work when I explore the possibilities of a space and surround myself with beautiful materials and products, or look for them. Do nothing better! I find it so grateful to surprise clients with solutions and proposals that they do not think of themselves but that do suit them. And oh yes, I really have a crush on lighting.

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