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This is the method:  

1.   Telephone intake interview

2.   Preparation in our studio such as scaling the floor plan (1 floor) and collecting colors and samples for advice.

3.   Interactive session of 3 hours at home or in our studio in Haarlem. Entirely according to your wishes, we can discuss topics such as layout, use of colors and materials, furniture, lighting or custom furniture.

4.   3 hours of extra design work by us in our studio. These hours can be filled in as needed. Examples are a lighting plan (excl. fitting proposal), design for custom furniture, a shopping list, etc. These hours can also be extended if the issue is larger.  

5.   You will receive the advice elaborated and supplemented by us in the studio by email. This is a complete document and includes what we discussed, a 2D digital layout design, details and images of colors, materials and products. Supplemented with the extra elaboration of, for example, the lighting plan, custom design or concrete product proposal.

Cost of interior advice plus

€950 incl. VAT for a 3-hour interactive session plus 3 hours of extra design work in the studio. This includes the preparations and elaboration by the designer. The advice can be expanded on an hourly basis if the interior issue is larger, for this we charge our hourly rate of €90. Additional work will only take place in consultation and with the approval of the client.

Mentioned prices include 21% VAT and exclude parking costs in city centers when visiting home. Travel costs up to 20 km will not be calculated, above that 30 cents per kilometer. 

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