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In September 2019, STUDIOM O VE was approached to participate in the development of an academy for engineers in California. This academy is conceptually and technically designed by Purple Creative Innovators and they have sought collaboration with STUDIOMOVE. This project is at the same time the 'instigator' of STUDIOMOV E. Monique and Veronika decided to work together on this extensive and exciting assignment and a short time later the studio was born.


The academy is being developed for engineers from a global market leader in business software. During a program of several months, these engineers are trained and inspired to become the 'future engineer'. The academy should be a pleasant place to stay for months, to inspire during the training and to facilitate and stimulate collaboration in both small and large groups.


Contribution of STUDIOMOVE: concept interactive learning environment, layout, furniture plan ,material- and color proposal, lighting plan, , navigation and signage, plant proposal

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