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“Photo: Denise boar - “Stylish Living” - © DPG Media NV”

  • Personal and tailor-made

  • Both at home and online

  • 3D Design custom furniture

  • Professional lighting plan

  • Advice and guidance with renovation and new construction

  • Experience with business projects

Interior advice

We are happy to help you with interior advice, design and furnishing of your (new-build) home or office. Our advice varies from use of color and material in case you want something different with a certain space, or designing a lighting plan, to a complete design for extension and renovation or renovation. By working closely with a number of partners, custom furniture, textiles (including curtains and rugs) and / or lighting can be part of our advice.

our latest projects

NEW-Build home

With a new-build home, you will soon have to deal with buyer options after the purchase. Choices about the layout, electricity and lighting points, down pipes for extra toilets or bathrooms, etc. In order to make the right choices, it is important that you have the desired layout clear as soon as possible. What suits you/your lifestyle? Involve us in the process as early as possible so that we have enough time to help you realize your ideal home.

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Also business concepts

Your interior is the calling card of your company and should be a good basis for employees. Much has changed in recent years in the field of office design and collaboration. Open spaces with a flexible and creative layout can stimulate collaboration and productivity. Can your office environment use an update after years or do you have a new space that needs to be arranged and furnished? With our retail and communication background, we have the knowledge to translate your company's mission into a striking interior concept.

Monique + Veronika

STUDIOMOVE = Monique + Veronika. Together that makes for a great deal of life and practical experience, an extensive network and a good combination of views and a sense of style and design. And together is just more fun than alone!


Our style is best described as basic meets design. A warm base of natural materials combined with design classics. Feel free to contact us, we are open to all interior issues. We would also like to invite you to visit our studio in Haarlem.

Stijlvol Wonen cover.jpg

VERONIKA's house in 'binnenkijken' STIjlvol wonen MAGAZINE | MARCH 2022

“In a word: surprising. Monique and Veronika are brimming with surprising ideas to complete my interior and, after a short intake, immediately came up with very concrete, fun and well-developed proposals for furniture, floor and light. These are the ideas I needed and would never have come up with on my own!
"Our ground floor has received a thorough makeover thanks to advice from Monique. "Wow, how cool!" We hear from family and friends. We also love it ourselves, including the built-in wardrobe designed by Monique. We never had this can think up (or dared to). We are now also going to renovate our bathroom, with advice from Monique!"
Style and Design, made for you!
The office has been redecorated and furnished, warm and tasteful and feels like coming home. We are happy with STUDIOMOVE, highly recommended by this enthusiastic team.
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